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Flatbush Avenue
62' x 27' x 48', 2007
stainless steel, aluminum, paint
The proposed project for the Flatbush Avenue Streetscape is located near the Northern end of the 8’ wide median of Flatbush Avenue at Tillary Street. Beginning 10' from the North end of the median, going south are three vertical elements spaced 10' apart. At the ground level are three 4' diameter stainless steel spheres. A tapered, curved stainless steel mast emerges from the top of each sphere. At the top of each mast are four 3' diameter aluminum spheres that form a tetrahedron. The aluminum spheres are painted bright red resembling flowers or berries. The individual pieces measure 52', 57' and 62' high. Motorists can see the piece clearly at a great distance. For pedestrians, it adds to the intimacy of the landscaped block of Flatbush Avenue. The piece is a friendly, alive, uplifting welcome to Brooklyn.